RAW’s conspiracies

03 Jul 2020


THE attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) in Karachi was India’s conspiracy to destroy the country’s economy as well as an attempt to divert the attention from atrocities it is committing against Muslims in India-occupied Kashmir.

The funding by Indian intelligence agency, RAW, to terrorist groups in Pakistan has also been affecting the law and order in the country since such outfits have been attacking security personnel, public and business places.

Just after the recent attacks on law enforcement agencies in Sindh, we saw the terrorists attack on PSX. The terrorists tried to enter the stock exchange building to harm the staff and the country’s economy, but our brave law enforcement agencies foiled the terrorists’ evil plan and killed all four of them within just eight minutes.

One police officer and three security guards were martyred. The terrorists and their fund provider, RAW, should bear in mind that our law enforcement agencies are always ready to give immediate response to the enemies and won’t allow anyone to disturb peace here.

The United Nations should pressure India to stop hatching conspiracies against its neighbours and ask New Delhi to resolve the Kashmir issue. Such conspiracies and aggression will be harmful to India itself and the regional peace and stability.

Imtiaz Junejo


THIS refers to the recent terrorist attack on PSX in Karachi in which three security guards and a police officer were martyred while fighting BLA terrorists.

They should be praised for neutralising all four terrorists and stopping them from carrying out their plan. Had our security forces not stopped them, there could have been a lot of bloodshed as the trading was on at the stock exchange.

This attack and quick response by police’s rapid response force, however, show the importance and need of competent, efficient, better armed and a depoliticised police force because they are the first line of defence in this fight against such terrorist outfits.

The government needs to take drastic steps in order to make our cities and country peaceful.

Abdul Wasay

Published in Dawn, July 3rd, 2020