Waiting for a vaccine

This is regarding the article “Waiting for a vaccine”, by Ambreen Arshad, published on June 13, 2020. I really like the way the writer provides us information by making it simple, yet interesting.

Most of us did have the idea of what a vaccine does, but the writer brought together a lot more information in an easy-to-understand manner, which help me understand this better.

And the best part was the timeline of when different kinds of vaccines were developed. I request the Young World team to print such informative and relevant articles that impart useful information, especially during these days when we have little to do.

Tahir Saleem,


Young World

This magazine is offers an amazing collection of interesting activities, poems, stories and much more. It also includes helpful articles.

It is a very enjoyable magazine. I recommend every child to read this magazine.

Zainab Anwar,


Stop racism

Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr toiled for the rights of blacks and brought about changes that improved their lives to some extent.

But not much has changed as is apparent by the death of a black African American, George Floyd, by a policeman. This has led to protests against racism around the world.

We need to ask ourselves when we, Pakistanis, will be united against harassment, violence, injustice, corruption, etc?

Meer Khan,


My new game

The story “My new game” by Zayna Rahman (Young World, May 30, 2020) was an interesting story that was full of suspense. However, I feel the writer could have added a few interesting details to make the story even better.

It’s true that an excess of anything is bad, such as excessive playing of video games. We should always do things in moderation to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Somia Faisal,


Young World

I am a big fan of your magazine as it is free of any severe criticism on anyone and is a neat and informative platform for the young generation.

I have a suggestion — I would be delighted and appreciate it if you kindly allot a page of your magazine for Islamic knowledge. As it is widely read by youngsters, this will increase their religious knowledge.

Alishba Kamran,

Via email

Published in Dawn, Young World, June 27th, 2020