Blood donation

April 07, 2020


EVERY year in Pakistan approximately 5,000 children are diagnosed with thalassemia major, according to health experts. Thalassaemia is an inherited blood disorder in which the affected children are unable to maintain haemoglobin in a normal range as their bone marrow cannot form sufficient red blood cells.

Thalassaemia patients need regular blood transfusions every three to eight weeks to maintain normal haemoglobin. There are many organisations such as Fatimid Foundation, Hussaini blood bank, Bait-ul-Mal and many more which have been working for thalassaemia patients by providing blood on a regular basis for thousands of patients.

Because of the lockdown these organisations are facing problems, for there has been a sharp decline in blood donors. This has created a life-threatening situation for thalaessemia patients for whom their lives depend on a regular supply of blood.

One pint of blood donated can save up to three lives. I urge the government and the authorities concerned to look into this issue and ensure there is a regular supply of blood to these welfare organisations.

Rabia Khan

Published in Dawn, April 7th, 2020