ISLAMABAD: Telecom operators have asked the government to formulate a plan to ensure seamless provision of communication services.

These operators claim that they are facing numerous challenges to restock the vendors. Meanwhile, the engineers and field staff were also unable to reach sites to fix operational issues due to travel restrictions.

The increase in the telecommunications and internet traffic amid the lockdown and the supply disruptions has created challenges for both consumers and telecom operators.

“The need of the hour is for the government to formulate a plan which could help the telecom sector in provision of seamless services,” said a Ufone spokesperson on Friday.

“This has negatively impacted network performance,” said another executive from one of the country’s telecom operators as he warned that “eventually there will be public complaints and the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority will start issuing notices.”

“Recently, one of our technicians who was going to Shazad Town area to fix certain issue at a telecom tower was arrested and after intense negotiations he was released but his motorcycle is still impounded,” the Islamabad-based executive added.

Published in Dawn, March 28th, 2020