LAHORE: The Chairman of the People’s Party, Mr. Z.A. Bhutto, said here today [March 17] “the six points mean nothing else but secession,” and advised their author to revise them in the interest of national unity and solidarity.

He was addressing an impromptu Press conference in his hotel room this afternoon to clarify certain portions of his Press conference in Dacca which, according to him, had been grossly distorted by a section of the Press.

In the words of Mr. Bhutto, the most dangerous portions of the six-points programme of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman were those which envisaged separate currencies and separate foreign trade for the two Wings.

Answering questions, the People’s Party chief said he did not meet East Pakistani leaders like Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Maulana Bhashani during his stay there, because that was not the purpose of his visit. “My purpose was to organise my party there,” he said, and added that his party in that Wing had gained further ground.

Asked if he would enter into an election alliance with other political parties, Mr. Bhutto replied, “I don’t believe in alliances with parties before elections.” He said an alliance could be possible between the parties within the Assembly at the time of constitution-making. — Agency

Published in Dawn, March 18th, 2020