I DON’T know why but there are delays in putting in place the latest water measuring telemetry systems upgradation for Pakistan’s rivers and canals. Without the upgradation and installation of new measuring systems Pakistan can never provide any concrete data on water wastage or even water theft by a neighbouring country.

Without this data Pakistan will not be able to prove the need for water for our country in international courts if India ever starts stealing our share of water from the Indus water treaty. Without this data Pakistan cannot judiciously meet the provinces’ water needs and locate the seepages in canals through which water is wasted.

The government needs to immediately install the most modern measuring systems and start generating data for water use, which should also be made available to the public.

Because of climate change, water will become scarcer and in all probability India will try to steal our share of water by declaring we are wasting water or are not in need of it.

Engr Muhammad Baseer


Published in Dawn, February 22nd, 2020