February 22, 2020


Caring for the elderly

Thus is refers to the cover story “Caring for the elderly” by Benazir Raz (YW, February 8, 2020).

I appreciate the writer’s views and how she made us realise the importance of elders in our lives. I agree with her suggestion that we should give them some time from our daily routine because they are a great blessing for us.

We should respect them, fulfil their needs and take their advice because they are a source of support for us.

We should also try to make things easy and comfortable for them as they need support in old age and we too will age one day and will need support.

Muhammad Osama,


The blaze that killed all

The story “The blaze that killed all” by Qirat Zahid (YW, February 1, 2020) was very touching because the writer tried to make us realise the effects of our actions on other creatures of God and on our own lives.

We humans always think of our own benefits first and don’t think of others. And sometimes we do something which is good for the present, but it may have so many bad effects in the future. We are also responsible for global warming that is taking place and it means we are indirectly responsible of the destruction of creatures and their habitats.

Abu Turab,


Creativity wins the day

It refers to the story “Creativity wins the day” (YW, January 25, 2020) by Eisa Yousuf. The writer has thoroughly explained that although everybody is creative, we all have different creative skills.

The story is about some boys who work on a project to clean up the streets in their neighbourhood. Also, it has a message for us — to follow the example of these boys and help improve our neighbourhoods. Even a little step can go a long way when we unite and decide to do something positive.

Zaheer Doshambay,



This refers to the story “Creativity wins the day” (YW, January 25, 2020). Sometimes in our society, people’s small efforts towards improving the environment are discouraged and considered a waste of time and money. On the contrary, people should be considerate about those who are taking positive steps towards improving their environment.

Even the tiniest contribution can sometimes make a big difference.

Rihab Naveed,


Published in Dawn, Young World, February 22nd, 2020