February 08, 2020


Reading is a wonderful hobby

This is in regard to the article “Reading is a wonderful hobby” by Tanzila Aslam Zafar (YW, January 11, 2020). It is an inspiring and interesting article, by reading which I discovered the beautiful world of reading and writers.

The most important thing is, that it is full of names of books which is helpful for new readers to find an easy source to begin the hobby of reading.

I gladly appreciate the writer and how she beautifully began the article with the following golden words, “For me, a warm comfortable chair, a mug of coffee, sunlight slowly cascading through the closed curtains and a book in my hands is a small piece of heaven”.

It ignited in me a keen interest to read further after a glance at this piece. I appreciate the effort made by Tanzila Aslam Zafar and I hope that she writes more pieces that can benefit the youth.

Darvesh Meer,


Unique libraries

This refers to the article “Unique libraries” by Rizwana Naqvi (YW, February 1, 2020) which was an incredibly informative piece. Now we know the importance of libraries and that there can be all kinds of libraries. If there is a will, there is a way and we do not need special buildings to house libraries, but that they can be on camel backs and in mailboxes.

Let us hope that people who can invest money or can provide funds would realise the importance of libraries and put their endeavours to make such libraries available, so as to promote reading and education in our country.

Please print more articles such as this one so that they can open our eyes to what is going on in the rest of the world and how people have realised the importance of reading.

Khalil Ahmed,

Hub Chowki

Pressurised youth

This is with reference to the piece “Pressurised youth” by Hiba Khan (YW, 25 January,2020). The writer wonderfully expressed the idea of how the youth is pressurised presently in the competition for admissions and grades.

Although most parents do not believe in pressurising young people, still the pressure is very much there to force choices and schedules on them which indeed makes them stressed and fatigued. There is a lot of discussion needed on the subject of pressure created for young people and hence articles such as this one are useful to create awareness of this issue.

Parents should realise that they should allow their children some margin, especially when it comes to choosing their favourite subjects or their careers in life.

Qadeer Taj,


Published in Dawn, Young World, February 8th, 2020