January 26, 2020


Majboor Awaazein

Dr Irfan Ahmad Khan

Kanhaiyya Laal (Khalid Latif after conversion to Islam) Gauba was a Lahore-born lawyer, author and politician who migrated to India during Partition. In 1973, he published his observations on the economic, social and political conditions of Muslims in India as Passive Voices: A Penetrating Study of Muslims in India, which has been translated into Urdu as Majboor Awaazein.

Slavery, Suffering, Silence

Scharmin Osmany

An examination of the prevalent gender disparity in Pakistan, which seeks to answer if it is possible to create a balance between the male-female equation, seeing as it is — and for much too long has been — skewed in favour of men, and how can the exploitation, oppression and subjugation of women in Pakistan be stemmed in the face of deep-rooted misogyny.

Published in Dawn, Books & Authors, January 26th, 2020