(EDITORIAL) Mr. Churchill’s review of the war fronts and his survey of the conditions in liberated countries have evoked pungent comments in the House of Commons… While the ordeal of war is not over, disruptive tendencies in Allied ranks will make the task of peace immeasurably more difficult. Winning the peace is not less urgent than the speedy and successful termination of the war. After President Roosevelt’s statement the Atlantic Charter has proved to be a farce and a fraud and Mr. Churchill’s reference to its ‘aims and objects’ in the House of Commons is sheer mockery.

‘Power politics’ has been ingeniously defined... For those who think that it savours of a retaliatory spirit, the unconditional surrender demand is synonymous with political lunacy... Moral considerations apart, political expediency demands that Britain should revise its traditional policy and take lessons from the trends of world events. The recent happenings in Greece, Poland and Italy are portents which seem to darken the future of Britain as a vital factor to influence post-war settlements. Mr. Churchill knows, even admits it, but he is content to defend his case rather than change a policy which has outlived its age.

Published in Dawn, January 22nd, 2020