‘PML-N’s choice’

22 Jan 2020


THIS refers to your editorial ‘PML-N’s choice’ (Jan 14). This indeed seems to be a final and last attempt by the PML-N and PPP to restart their political journey ahead with possibilities of hope based on the assumption that the establishment has no fourth option and may be counting on those who are trying to behave better and be good children.

However the minds hidden in the uniform have also learned and know the system and the public better after several experiences and both successes and failure. Their interest is basically in the financial stability of the country to feed their men a healthy diet to stand steadfast on borders and in the barracks. Who can deliver the platter best they have learnt well by now.

The establishment is the only institution which has its very existence on stake and is loyal to the country. It naturally would want maximum surety and risk-free guarantee that the civilians who are given the task deliver with commitment and do not cheat.

The international game players also do not bother much about who is occupying the seats for a show but are always comfortable with those who can be trusted and are dependable.

I think time is still there for the PTI leadership to learn, improve and deliver. Old habits die hard and the establishment knows well that PPP and PML-N, etc., cannot deliver.

Zubair BU Siddiqui
Dallas, USA

Published in Dawn, January 22nd, 2020