LODHRAN: A station house officer (SHO) was suspended from service for allegedly raiding the house of a bus hostess in Khanewal and stripping her, her sister and mother for lodging a harassment complaint against him.

The girl (name withheld to protect privacy) told the media during a press conference that she had a residence near the Railway Station, Makhdoompur Pahoraan, Khanewal. She said she was an orphan and was doing the job as a bus hostess with a company to earn a living for her family. She alleged that for the last few days, the Makhdoompur Pahoraan SHO was trying to chat with her via social media and forcing her to get into a relationship with him. She said the police officer would send her unethical massages and hurled her threats for not chatting with him.

The girl submitted an application against the SHO with Khanewal District Police Officer Faisal Shahzad and the same night, the SHO raided her house with a contingent of police in the name of a search operation. She alleged that the SHO forced her to strip down along with her mother and sister and the policemen took away cash, jewellery and a mobile cell from them.

Taking notice of the incident, DPO Shahzad suspended the SHO from service and directed DSP Saddar Khanewal to inquire into the case.

Published in Dawn, January 22nd, 2020