KARACHI: A 16 crore Rupees five years plan for the educational uplift of Bengal has been submitted by the Bengal Government to the Central Government for final approval. This was revealed by Mr. Tamizuddin, Education Minister, Bengal Government, in an interview to the “Orient Press” before his departure for Calcutta this afternoon [Jan 20].

The Plan covers a wide range of subjects and all stages of education from primary stage right up to the higher specialised studies in foreign countries.

Expressing his opinion that although it was a tremendous task to educate the entire mass of the people, Mr. Tamizuddin hoped that if the plan is worked out, there won’t be any illiteracy in Bengal within a decade. The plan pays special attention to the technical education on most modern lines.

Talking about the Bengal Secondary Education bill, the Minister said that it was due to the obstructive tactics of the opposition that the Bill could not be passed during the last session of the Bengal Assembly. The Communal question was added to the controversy and every effort was made to discredit the Bill amongst the Hindus of the province, every clause of the Bill was hotly contested and delayed in the proceedings of the Assembly.

Published in Dawn, January 21st, 2020