Iran-US situation

15 Jan 2020


ALTHOUGH tensions between the United States and Iran have somewhat eased after the murder of Gen Qassem Soleimani, there might be serious repercussions in the long run, thanks to the beating of war drums on social media.

Tehran has already indicated it has revised its position with regard to uranium enrichment. The countries in the region allied with the US are feeling vulnerable, with Saudi Arabia heading the list. On the other hand Iraq, Syria, and Yemen have no love for the US and will get closer to Iran.

The social media is fuelling war hysteria with rumours circulating at a ferocious pace and are top trending. However, the billion dollar question is: can Washington afford to go to war with Iran?

The United States will find a war with a country like Iran to be a tough task. Everyone is aware of the importance of Persian Gulf. This factor has always figured as an important element in Tehran’s security calculations.

The US has deployed troops in more than a dozen bases across the Middle East. They are vulnerable to Iranian attack as is Israel.

History has repeatedly shown that superpowers of their time were blinded by their strength to commit blunders that brought them grief.

Only time will tell if Gen Soleimani’s assassination was a strategically rewarding stroke or a blunder that will pain Washington for years.

Tariq Faruqi

Published in Dawn, January 15th, 2020