The weekly weird

30 Nov 2019


Rare purebred dingo pup found

Veterinarian Rebekah Day of Alpine Animal Hospital in Bright, Victoria, said a Wandiligong family found a rare purebred dingo pup in their backyard and initially left it alone, believing to be a stray dog.

The family eventually brought the puppy to an animal hospital when no one came to claim the canine and Day noticed marks on the animal’s back that indicated it may have been dropped into the backyard by a bird of prey.

Lyn Watson, director of the Australian Dingo Foundation, asked Day to send a genetic sample from the puppy to the University of New South Wales, which revealed the animal was 100 percent purebred dingo.

The dingo, now named Wandi, was taken into the care of the Australian Dingo Foundation, which said the young canine will be an important part of its breeding programme for the species, which is listed as ‘vulnerable’ by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources.

Worm in man’s eye

Recently, a stomach-churning video surfaced on the internet, showing medics removing a 7cm long wriggling worm from Jasubhai Patel’s right eye after he complained about pain and itching him for the last few months.

The patient, from India, desperately sought help from several doctors but couldn’t be diagnosed with any illness. Finally a medic spotted the parasite squirming at the back of his eye. The doctor warned that the worm could damage the man’s eyesight if it was not removed immediately and could go to the brain through the bloodstream.

Doctors suspect the worm in the patient’s eye could have entered through a dog bite because dogs and cats have these parasites in their tongue. On investigating from the patient, it was revealed that Mr Patel had been bitten by a dog some years earlier.

Good news for tea lovers!

A British hotel is offering $129 for a single day of unusual work — taste-testing tea, cakes and other snacks.

The Daffodil Hotel & Spa in Grasmere, England, said selected taste-testers will be treated to an afternoon of tea and snacks, including beetroot and goat cheese scones, wreath cookies and peppermint pie.

The taste testers will receive $129 compensation as well as a free night’s stay for themselves and a guest.

“We are preparing to launch our luxurious ‘Festive Afternoon Tea’, and are looking for a team of tasters to help us make sure that it’s the very best on offer in the UK,” the hotel said.

Applications for the dream job are being accepted on the hotel’s website.

Snow crab auctioned for record $46,000

A snow crab, caught in Japan, was auctioned for a record $46,000. The Tottori Prefecture Fisheries Association said the 2.7-pound itsukiboshi crab, which boasts a 5.7-inch shell, was caught at the start of the fishing season and was sold at the first auction of the season at Tottori port.

The crab fetched a high bid of $46,000 from crab seller Kanemasa Hamashita Shoten. The company previously set a world record last year when it paid $18,300 for a crab auctioned in the same place.

“We came to this year’s first auction hoping that we would bid the world’s highest price again,” a representative for the company told. The representative said the crab is destined for a restaurant in the Ginza shopping district of Tokyo.

Published in Dawn, Young World, November 30th, 2019