RAWALPINDI: The Election Commission today [Nov 18] announced the decision to maintain electoral forms in Bangla in East Pakistan and in Urdu in West Pakistan as prescribed by the Electoral Rolls Order, 1969.

The announcement was made in a Press note [which] said the Election Commission had finally decided that no change should be made at this stage and all preparations for elections should go ahead at maximum possible speed in order to hold the elections on schedule.

The Press note said: “Under the electoral rolls rules made in pursuance of Article 16 of the Electoral Rolls Order, 1969, forms are prescribed to be in Bangla in East Pakistan and in Urdu in West Pakistan. This policy was also followed by the Commission in all previous elections. There have been demands from certain quarters to add to these languages for certain areas.

“Views were exchanged with the protagonists of these demands and fullest consideration was given to this subject. Apart from the fact that if these demands were accepted they would have been criticised as an innovation in times when emotions can easily be roused, they would also have meant setting up of a bilingual organisation causing delay in the election schedule and more expense.” — Agency

Published in Dawn, November 19th, 2019