The weekly weird

November 09, 2019


Horse plays dead when someone tries to ride him

See the horse in the picture? Well, he isn’t an ordinary one, he is quite smart and a very good actor that you wouldn’t believe. Every time someone tries to ride him, he drops to the floor pretending to be dead.

Jingang has got the death trick down so well that he even loosens his tongue and puts his hooves in weird positions to make it look like he can go on no longer. His owners say it happens whenever people get on to the saddle.

He only stays on the ground for a few seconds, but the moment anyone starts approaching to get on him again, he drops back to the floor. One person who viewed the video said: “He’s not lazy, he’s smart. Why carry such a heavy load when you can get away with it?”

Glass-bottomed skywalk breaks world record

I wonder who can dare to walk on this new tourist attraction in a Chinese city, which recently took the Guinness World Record for the longest cantilevered glass-bottomed skywalk.

The walkway over Tongren, Guizhou, is suspended 984 feet off the ground and measures 301 feet, 2 inches long.

The glass-bottomed skywalk, built by the Guizhou Shiqian Hot Spring Investment and Development Co., Ltd., was constructed in the shape of the bow of a boat. The walkway overlooks historic Shiqian Xianren Street.

Lady in red

Some people have unusual habits or hobbies that make them different than all the people around, just like Zorica Rebernik, a woman with unique obsession with colour red without which, she thinks there is no energy or no charm in her life.

Zorica Rebernik has spent her life in red and plans to stay that way — even after she dies. After four decades dressing in the colour from head to toe, the 67-year-old Bosnian has had tombstones made for herself and husband Zoran — whom she married wearing a red gown — from a special red granite imported from India.

Zorica is a retired schoolteacher, she lives in a red house, where she and Zoran eat from red plates, drink from red glasses and sleep in red bedding. Even her hair is dyed red.

“When I turned 18 or 19, there came a sudden, strong urge to wear red,” Rebernik told Reuters. Wearing shades like scarlet and vermillion gives her “the feeling of strength and power”.

Rebernik’s obsession with the colour has made her a local celebrity in her hometown of Breze, close to Tuzla in northern Bosnia.

Squirrels store food in a car

Keeping food safe at secret places for the harsh months of winter is a common practice for many animals, but to a couple in US, stocked up food came out quite shockingly when they discovered a hood full of walnuts and grass in their car.

Holly Persic was driving to a library in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, when she noticed the car seemed strange. She called her husband and told him that the car smelt like it was burning and was making a weird sound.

So Holly opened the hood to find an engine full of walnuts neatly packed in grass, presumably stored there by squirrels over the weekend, when the vehicle had been parked in the open.

Chris spent almost an hour cleaning out “over 200 (not an exaggeration) walnuts and grass from under the hood”, he continued in the post. The couple seemed to take the incident in their stride.

Published in Dawn, Young World, November 9th, 2019