BEIRUT: The Beirut daily “Neda al-Watan” said yesterday [Nov 6] that a new American plan for the solution of the Middle East crisis proposed the setting up of a Palestinian State under UN auspices. The plan, the newspaper said, renounces the idea of direct Arab-Israeli negotiations and envisages the withdrawal of Israel from all occupied Arab territories.

“Neda al-Watan” mentioned no source for its report but said it was based on secret information received in Beirut. It said the six-point plan was drawn up in consultation with the Powers concerned.

The authoritative UAR newspaper “Al-Ahram” said yesterday that the US had outlined a new plan in general terms to Mr Ashraf Ghoroal, responsible for UAR interests in Washington.

A State Department spokesman confirmed later that the United States “will offer amended peace proposals when four-Power talks on the Middle East crisis resume shortly.” — Agency

[Meanwhile, as reported by an agency in New Delhi,] A total of 14 persons were killed yesterday [Nov 6] in two explosions caused by firecrackers in south India. Fireworks form an important part of the Hindu festival of lights, “Diwali”, which is to be celebrated throughout India on Sunday.

Published in Dawn, November 8th, 2019