The life is full of rewards and penalties. Most people get rewards when they do good deeds, but there are also penalties so that people won’t do bad things like robbing, cheating, killing, etc. Rewards and penalties are important so that people won’t be free to do whatever they want.

A reward make us more enthusiastic, it also brings us happiness and makes us eager to do more work. It also makes us realise the worth of our work. It even makes us eager to do good deeds as we also gain rewards by doing those. It improves our confidence that we can do better work, and gives us a positive approach for dealing with a problem.

The hope for rewards can make us use our talent wisely and with a positive approach. There are many kinds of rewards that we can get, such as cash, praise, appreciation and any simple or expensive thing.

With cash rewards, we can use it for shopping new dresses, accessories, toys, etc. We can also get a whole bunch of sweets, which are one of my favourite rewards. We can also buy tickets and coupons for outings.

However, there are some disadvantages of rewards -- people who do good deeds and get rewards can become proud of themselves, show off and think that they are better than everyone. Every time we do one small good deed, our expectations for getting rewards may exceed more and more. So, in my personal opinion, we should not do good deeds in the expectation of a reward because every time we won’t always get rewards in the material form.

By doing good deeds we should keep in mind that Allah will reward us Himself anytime by sending blessings in our home, by protecting us from so many mishaps that might may happen to us.

A reward from Allah can be in the forms of good health, by helping us in our difficult times or by giving us whatever we want in our life. Lastly, good deeds make us good person which can lead us to achieve success.

Published in Dawn, Young World, November 2nd, 2019