Story Time: A teacher’s gift

October 05, 2019


Sajjad was one of the best students of his class as he used to get the first position in every exam. He was respectful to everyone and his teacher liked him.

Sajjad was motivated and guided by his favourite teacher named Sir Manzoor.

It was October 5, which was “World Teachers’ Day” Sajjad woke up as usual and got ready for school. But he was not aware that it was any special day. When he arrived in school, he saw a large chart on the notice board that had “Happy Teachers’ Day” written on it.

Sajjad became shocked as he was not aware that there was any such a day to celebrate all that teachers do. He returned home because he thought that without a gift he could not go to school to wish his favourite teacher on this day.

“Why did you come back? Is there any problem?” asked his father.

“Today is ‘World Teachers’ Day’ and I didn’t know about it. How can I go empty handed and wish my teacher a Happy Teachers’ Day?” replied Sajjad with a broken heart.

His father replied. “Well, it is too late dear. We can’t go and buy something as you will become late for class and you will not be allowed inside the school.”

Sajjad went to his room without saying anything and did not go to school.

In the evening, his father met Sir Manzoor in the neighbourhood as he also lived nearby. When Sir Manzoor enquired about Sajjad and why he was absent from school that day, Sajjad’s father told him what had happened in the morning.

Sir Manzoor was surprised and decided to come and see Sajjad. When Sajjad saw his teacher, he became very happy, but he also became a little embarrassed and could not say anything to his teacher.

His teacher asked him the reason of being absent? Sajjad hesitantly explained what had happened.

Sir Manzoor started laughing and said, “My dear, we teachers don’t need gifts. We just want that our students study well and make their future bright. And you are the best student of my class, you are a hardworking, helpful and respectful student. What else should I demand from you? You are a gift in shape of my best student. Though today, I received many wishes and cards, I don’t need them and they are not necessary for me. You are the most important gift for mine.”

The words of his teacher touched the heart of Sajjad and he realised that teachers don’t want any gift, they just want that their students should work hard and give their best. Such students are gifts.

Sajjad wished his teacher a happy Teachers’ Day and hugged him and also promised that he would work harder to make his teachers real proud of him.

Published in Dawn, Young World, October 5th, 2019