Israel’s land grabbing

September 17, 2019


BENJAMIN Netanyahu has announced that should he win the Israeli elections, he will annex the heart of the West Bank, the Jordan Valley and also move to annex other Jewish settlements as well.

One wonders whether other people see the similarities between what is and has been happening in Palestine and the recent move by the fascist Indian government in occupied Kashmir. It seems the world is ready to look the other way as long as it is Muslims who are being killed.

The United Nations and the world acted with alacrity when it was a matter of East Timor and South Sudan becoming independent states and seceding from Muslim countries. Why can’t the UN and the world show the same concern when the matter is about the right of self-determination for the Kashmiri people and help enforce it?

Maybe we need a catchy slogan to highlight our predicament. One that comes to mind is a leaf I have taken from the beacon of democracy and land of freedom, the United States. It is ‘Muslim lives matter’ or to be more specific ‘Kashmiri lives matter.’

Saqib Jawaid Anwar Al Hassan

Published in Dawn, September 17th, 2019