September 07, 2019


Smart plans for smart students

This is with reference to the cover story “Smart plans for smart students” (YW, August 31, 2019) by Talat Naz.

The article was timely and proved to be very helpful. It contained some useful techniques to be smart in studies. For instance, planning well, setting targets, being regular and hanging out with the best students, etc.

I’m thankful to the writer and YW magazine for providing us with such helpful and constructive articles.

Perkash Kumar Patel,

Shaheed Benazir Abad

Family always comes first

This is with reference to the story “Family always comes first”, by Laiba Shakeel (YW, August 3, 2019).

This story presents the real picture of the way things are in our society today.

We give a lot of importance to our friends, agree to everything they say, but when it comes to our family, especially parents, we misbehave with them and are very rude.

I have also observed some older people behaving very sweetly with others at their job but once they come home, they behave in a very harsh and rude manner with family members.

We should realise that not only do our family members love us all very much, but we also have a responsibility towards them which we should fulfil happily.

Just like the boy Asif in the story, many children do not care about the needs of the elders at home and put their own needs first. We all should realise that our family should be our first priority.

I want to thank the writer for writing such a meaningful story.

Samiha Rashid,


Published in Dawn, Young World, September 7th, 2019