Quaid-i-Azam vindicated

August 14, 2019


QUAID-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah speaking on the Nehru Committee’s recommendations at the All Parties Convention in Calcutta, in Dec 1928 said:

“……..No country has succeeded either wresting a democratic constitution from the domination of another nation or establishing representative institutions from within without giving guarantees for the security of the minorities, wherever such a problem has arisen. Majorities are apt to be oppressive and tyrannical and minorities always dread and fear that their interests and rights, unless clearly and definitely safeguarded by statutory provisions, would suffer and be prejudiced, but this apprehension is enhanced all the more when we have to deal with communal majority…..”

Indian Prime Minister Narendera Modi carrying the Gujarat massacre’s baggage on his back,is not only playing the communal but the racist and fascist card as well. It seems that with the connivance of some powerful lobby he is toeing the policy of Israel and Burma in usurping the rights of the minorities and indulging in ethnic cleansing.

One hopes that Indian civil society and its saner elements besides the leaders of all peace-loving, especially Muslim countries step forward to condemn and stop the racist policies of the Hindutva prime minister.

Syed Sardar Ahmad


Published in Dawn, August 14th, 2019