August 10, 2019


Money matters

I found the article “Money matters” by Ambreen Arshad (YW, 27 July, 2019) as very relevant and timely in today’s tough economic situation.

The common man has always cried about making ends meet and inflation, but no doubt, this is truer for today than at any other time in our history. By learning about budgeting and saving, youngsters will not only be more money-wise as they grow up, but also of great help to parents today in managing to stay out of debt.

Young World should print such useful articles that help children learn skills and gain knowledge to do better in their practical life.

Shumaila Tahir,


The storeroom

This is with regard to the story “The storeroom” by Farheen Farwa (YW, July 13, 2019).

I really enjoyed the story because it conveyed the message of doing your work by yourself. Being self-sufficient makes us experience real pleasure and it takes us towards success.

Vanisha Ashok Tulswani,


Cell phones

Nowadays students are engrossed in their cell phones and pay no heed to studies.

They are so absorbed in social media that they have forgotten to build their future life, goals and career. By wasting time on social media, they are losing the precious time that can never be recovered.

My advice to the youth is: you have got only one life, do not waste it on futile things. Put that phone down and focus on your studies and career and future life.

Make yourself and your parents proud. Be consistent and realistic and devote every second to the field of your choice. Only you can change your life and make it better, no one else can do it for you. Let go of your past, you cannot change your past, what you can do right now is to start a new life from scratch and be best version of yourself.

Fatima Qureshi,


My dream project

Apropos the article “My dream project” written by Muhammad Talha (YW, July 20, 2019). I believe that the writer’s ideas are interesting and I wish that no one stops him from making such a teleportation device.

The writer has already written so many emergencies that happen and which can be resolved by such an interesting device. I would like to include one here: In case someone gets a heart attack or becomes seriously ill, the device will be very useful at that time as it can be used to teleport a person instantly to the hospital.

My wish is also to be a scientist in future and I also want to make such things.

Huda Ilyas,


Published in Dawn, Young World, August 10th, 2019