August 04, 2019


Age and Rage

It came as a surprise, to say the least, to hear senior actor Firdaus Jamal talk about Mahira Khan’s acting ability, and her age, on a television talk show. He was of the view that Mahira K is a mediocre model and, because of the age she is now at, she should be playing motherly characters.

The age that Firdaus J sahib is at, he should be encouraging his younger colleagues to do well for the betterment of an entertainment industry which is not always known for camaraderie and bonhomie. And we won’t even mind if he played the role of a hero in the near future either, because, you know, being a protagonist has nothing to do with age.

Return of Mahnoor

It is always heartening to see talented (and beautiful) actors returning to their field of interest. Mahnoor Baloch is a woman who exudes charm and beauty like no one else. Her absence from television screens for the last three years was sorely felt.

The actress is making a comeback after a long-ish hiatus in a telefilm titled Apni Apni Love Story, which will be broadcast on Eidul Azha by a private TV channel. Aijazz Aslam is her co-star in the project, which is directed by Kashif Saleem. Cool. Now if only someone can explain how it is that Mahnoor never ages!

Fee Bee

Shahid Kapoor is basking in the success of his film Kabir Singh which, despite being criticised for showing ‘toxic masculinity’, has gone on to earn more than 250 crore Indian rupees. As a result, the actor has raised his fee for working in movies. Prior to the release of Kabir Singh, he was charging 20 crore rupees per film, and he is now said to be demanding 40 crore. Now that’s a whopper! Apparently, he is going to work in a Dharma Productions’ project for the new amount.

That is some show of boxic, sorry, box office masculinity.

Second Chance

Love or her or dislike her, the fact is that Malaika Arora is living her life the way she wants to live; and that’s the way it should always be. She has taken her separation from Arbaaz Khan in her stride and is owning the world of showbiz (judging reality shows, doing cameos, giving interviews etc) like never before. She is even going out with the much younger Arjun Kapoor.

Talking to a pen-pusher, Malaika A has said that everyone deserves a second chance in love. She argued that in India it is taboo for a woman to have a second chance in love. Spot on, girl! In fact, it is not easy even for men. Ask Arbaaz K.

Wannabe Dad

Jake Gyllenhaal is a wonderful actor who is getting better and better with every passing film or stage production. The actor is busy these days doing a Broadway theatre play, Sea Wall, which is about ‘faith and family’.

Keeping with the subject, when talk show host Willie Geist asked him whether he wants to raise a family, Jake G replied he hopes to be a father one day. Good to know that. We hope Jake G knows, however, that, in order for that to happen, he needs a partner. Perhaps the first step for the notoriously private actor might be confirming he’s actually dating. Who knows, perhaps the French model Jeanne Cadieu might also be happy to be confirmed.

‘Living without hatred’

Poor Camila Morrone, Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend! We all know that she is 22 years of age and her beau is 44, which shouldn’t be anybody’s business. No, but we live in a cruel world.

Last week, the girl posted on Instagram a picture of yesteryear A-list Hollywood pair Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart (who had a somewhat similar age difference). This unleashed a barrage of nasty comments from people, saying Camila M was comparing Leo and herself with the legendary couple; another remarked that once she turns 25, their relationship will be over.

Camila M was sagacious enough to respond to the trolls on social media in a cool fashion. “My God, people are so mean and full of anger with people they that they know nothing about. I hope that people learn to live with a little less hatred and place their time and interest elsewhere, because living without hatred feels pretty good.”

Girl, they never learn.

Published in Dawn, ICON, August 4th, 2019