Review old tax laws

31 Jul 2019


APROPOS the news report ‘10,000 non-filers to be issued notices (July 28). There are also reports that the Federal Bureau of Revenue has decided to issue notices to 100,000 non — filers who own a house of larger than five hundred square yards or a vehicle of more than 1000cc even if no tax is to be paid.

What is the logic of this exercise in futility if no tax revenue is to be levied? All this measure will do is to bring more angst to these unfortunate citizens who will have to go through the hassle of preparing and submitting of complex income tax returns and paying hefty fees to tax lawyers.

That is not all. Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to use the precious time and energies of our tax department officials to unearth tax dodgers and realise handsome revenues from these large tax thieves?

I know of one old gentleman where the tax department officials returned his income return (pun intended) saying it was of no use without tax and only a burden to maintain record. Then why should they have to file such a return!

I request the FBR authorities to kindly review our archaic tax laws and to simplify and modernize the country’s taxation system as the common people are only too willing to pay their taxes provided the procedure is easy and their tax money is used judiciously.

M. Akram Niazi


Published in Dawn, July 31st, 2019