LAHORE: The Defence police on Sunday launched a probe into allegations of brutal torture levelled against singer and actor Mohsin Abbas by his wife Fatema Sohail that went viral on social media and the “victim” filed an application for lodging a case against him.

Posting her pictures on social media, showing bruises on her face and body, Fatema accused her husband of subjecting her to severe torture during her pregnancy.

The police acted when Fatema filed a written complaint against her husband with the Defence police station. The couple resides in D Block, Phase IV, Defence Housing Authority here.

She alleged that Abbas tortured her on Nov 26, 2018 after she caught him cheating and then again on July 17 when she visited his residence.

“When I confronted him [after Abbas was caught cheating], instead of being embarrassed he started beating me and I was pregnant at that time”, Fatema alleged in her social media post.

She further alleged: “I was brutally beaten up by my husband, my caretaker”, adding that she was later rushed to a hospital.

Fatema said as she required time to come out of the shock, she didn’t file complaint with the police. Meanwhile, doctors told her that her baby was not harmed. Later Fatema gave birth to a baby boy on May 20 after a complicated surgery.

She also alleged that her husband had relations with an emerging model, actress from Karachi which led to frequent quarrels.

“On 17th July, I again went to Mohsin’s home and asked him to take responsibility of our son where he started beating me again”, Fatema claimed.

She said that her husband’s violent behaviour prompted her to share her story on social media and then approach police for registration of a criminal case against him.

Abbas rejected allegations while submitting a written statement to police, claiming that Fatema had suffered injuries after falling in stairs and tried to “mislead the people as well as the police authorities by distorting facts”.

“We separated some five months back after I came to know that Fatema has some relations with a man”, he claimed.

On July 17, he confirmed, Fatema came to his DHA residence and demanded his house should be transfered in her name.

He asked the police to dispose of her application declaring it false and fabricated.

Lahore Operations SSP Ismail Kharrak said police received a complaint from Fatema against her husband. He said police tried to contact the complainant several times to call her to police station for further inquiry into the matter but she was not receiving calls.

“We need a medical report for confirmation of torture allegations but the police team found her house locked when they visited it”, the SSP said, adding that Abbas denied the allegations in his written statement.

Published in Dawn, July 22nd, 2019