RAWALPINDI: The Central Budget for 1969-70 announced today [June 28] lays special emphasis on the creation of a just society and protecting the standard of living of the common man and also provides for relief on many items of common use and incentives for savings.

The Budget was presented by Vice-Admiral S. M. Ahsan, member of the President’s Council of Administration, and Deputy Chief Martial Law Administrator, at a largely attended Press conference. In his 108-minute address at the Press conference, Vice-Admiral Ahsan outlined the reforms proposed to improve the distributive aspects of economy and make a move towards a more equalitarian distribution of income in the nation’s growing economy.

The proposed measures after taking into account the specific reliefs incorporated in the proposals will result in a net gain of Rs 46.98 crore. In his speech, directly broadcast on Radio Pakistan, Admiral Ahsan said revenue receipts for the next year at the current rate of taxes were estimated at Rs 753.37 crore — showing an improvement of Rs 59.44 crore over the current year’s revised estimates reflecting the normal growth in the economy.

Published in Dawn, June 29th, 2019