June 23, 2019


Introspection: Soul-searching Essays
Cdr (R) Khalid Durrani

This collection of essays — many of which originally appeared in the pages of Dawn between 1999 and 2008 — is separated into sections titled ‘Religious’, ‘Corporate Management’ and ‘Social/Satire’ and offers the author’s opinions on matters such as codes of living, handling employee conflict, nationalism and patriotism.

Subha Ka Naashta, Shaam Ki Chai
Imrana Maqsood

A collection of recipes for breakfast, brunch and high tea that begins with the basics — plain parathas, lachhay-daar [layered] parathas and potato-stuffed parathas — to regional breakfast dishes from Hyderabad and Delhi, such as sesame seed chutney and nihari, followed by a variety of omelettes and snacks to be enjoyed with tea.

Published in Dawn, Books & Authors, June 23rd, 2019