22 Jun, 2019


In defence of technology

This is regarding the article “In defence of technology” by Istaara Amjad (YW, June 8). The ideas of the writer redefined my perception of technology in a positive way, keeping aside its negative impacts.

Indeed, technology has become an important part of our lives. From the never ending communication all over the globe to entertainment and information, technology has multiple impacts on our lives. In short, technology has made our lives easier than ever before — all we need to do is use it in a positive and purposeful manner.

Jhaman Rahwani,


A relic of the past

This is with reference to the story “A relic of the past: by Sidra Hafeez (YW, May 11). The story was well-written and was full of suspense. The story was also rich in vocabulary and grammar, and the way it ended was marvellous.

Mohammad Rehan,


A mother’s love

I really liked the way the article “The power of a mother’s love” by Arif Iftikhar began with a story of an infant son and her mother in the beginning. A mother is a person who teaches us how to speak, eat, walk and so on.

We should be thankful to have a mother in our lives. Imagine those who don’t have a mother, how much they would be missing their mothers at every step, at every achievement.

For me, my mother is my heaven in this world. I really like these lines of writer that you need mother at every stage of your life because only she can understand everything you are going through.

I want to request everyone to give respect to their mother and give her as much time as they can. Indeed, a mother is a precious gift from God.

Iqra Bisma,


Scary clowns

This is regarding the story “Scary clowns” by Rattil Hussain (YW, April 30). Frankly speaking, friendship is one of God’s blessings. But sometimes our so-called friends try to make life miserable by making fun of their friends.

It is better to always stay away from friends who are not sincere and are making your life difficult.

Muhammad Ali Channa,


An Eid tragedy!

This is with reference to the story “An Eid tragedy” by Hana Marfani (YW, June 1).

The story portrayed a realistic picture of how suddenly things can turn out the wrong way, but when the story ended, everything settled and the readers felt relief.

Sohaib Ahmed,


Published in Dawn, Young World, June 22nd, 2019