Muhammad (PBUH): Role Model for Humanity
Professor Muhammad Rafi

A simply written, easy-to-read-in-one-go summation of the life of the Prophet Muhammad (pubh), and his experiences both as a family man and the leader of the Muslim ummah. Also includes some Hadith as verified by Bukhari, Muslim, Al Tirmizi, Abu Dawood, Ibn Majah and Al Nisai.

Urdu Novel Ka Saqafati Mutaala: 1869-1947
Muhammad Naeem Virk

A study of the development of the Urdu novel in light of existent cultural norms over a period of nearly 90 years — from the early years of the British Raj to Partition — also explains how, as the genre evolved, it has contributed towards shaping social and cultural practices.

Published in Dawn, Books & Authors, June 9th, 2019