June 09, 2019


The power of a mother’s love

This is regarding the article “The power of a mother’s love” by Arif Iftikhar (YW, May 11). The article highlights an important question, ‘Do we really care for and value our mother?’ It is a question which every person should ask him/herself.

Mother is the first teacher, first trainer and the first school of a child. She makes us learn how to talk and how to walk by holding our fingers in her hands. Unfortunately, children don’t realise the importance and presence of a mother in their life.

Today, mothers are not really getting the appreciation they deserve.

If not all, at least we can help her in her daily household chores. We cannot do as much as they have sacrificed for us, but we should always be present when they need us.




The article the “Power of a mother’s love” by Arif Iftikhar was wonderful. No doubt, of all the types of love, a mother’s love is the strongest, most unconditional and eternal.

We must respect and love our mothers, they sacrifice their lives for us.

Mir Hassan Chandio,


Family festival

This is regarding the story “Family festival” by Iqra Aslam Memon (YW, May 4). The story gave a very important message of what happens if you disobey your parents’ instructions.

We must remember that our parents never have bad plans for us. They are always caring and cautious, and their instructions show how concerned they are about us, so we must listen to them and act accordingly.

Nayab Nazish,



The story “Family festival” by Iqra Aslam Memon gave a strong message that we should always listen to our parents and never ignore their instructions for they are always in our favour.

Noman Iftikhar,


Every cloud has a silver lining

This is regarding the story “Every cloud has a silver lining” by Manahil Naeem (YW, May 4).

The title of the story suggests that there is always something good behind every trouble. In my life, I never felt dissatisfied with the outcomes of my efforts because I believed that there is always something good behind it. If you have worked hard, but you still haven’t got the desired results, it is better to be patient and wait for the reward for your endeavours.

Tanveer Ahmed Sangrasi,

Village Janjhi, Chachhro

Published in Dawn, Young World, June 9th, 2019