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June 09, 2019


This couple adopts disabled goats

Goats of Anarchy is a sanctuary where disabled goats can be rehabilitated and live a happy life. Leanne Lauricella has given up her career to look after goats with special needs in the countryside. Leanne’s husband also quit his job on Wall Street, where he’d worked for 25 years, so that he could spend his time restoring classic Corvettes.

The sanctuary also helps other animals, like Merlin the White Pekin duck. He was born with a disability that left him unable to walk, but the charity sourced him a special wheelchair that’s given him back his independence.

The sanctuary is getting crowded now as the goats stay at the sanctuary after they’re rehabilitated. Now Leanne is at full capacity and is looking for a bigger space so she can help even more goats in need.

Writing on her page, she said: “At Goats of Anarchy, we rescue and rehabilitate goats with special needs including blindness, neurological disorders, congenital defects, frostbite, amputations, abuse, neglect and hospice care. At the moment, we are at full capacity at both of our locations. We are home to over 60 goats, along with sheep, chickens, a mini donkey and a mini horse.”

World’s largest terrarium

A shopping mall in Warsaw, Poland, has the world’s largest terrarium, Guinness World Records has confirmed.

The terrarium, defined as a sealed container in which plants are grown, weighs 2,244.74 pounds. The massive glass container, with the phrase “Najwieskszy las w slouiku,” or “Largest forest in a bottle” was created by Warsaw’s Galeria Polnocna shopping mall, and sits within the 200-store mall.

First albino giant panda spotted in the wild

Researchers in China said a wildlife camera in a nature reserve captured an image of the first albino giant panda ever seen in the wild.

The Wolong National Nature Reserve in Sichuan Province said the fully albino giant panda was caught on camera in April, but the photo was just released to the public recently. Li Sheng, a researcher with Beijing’s Peking University, said the panda was the first albino — meaning its body completely lacks pigment — ever spotted in the wild. He said the animal appears to be about one or two years old.

There are only about 1,864 giant pandas left in the wild, the World Wide Fund for Nature said.

Bears climb through car window in Tennessee

A Tennessee tourist captured video of some bears that taught him a lesson about remembering to roll up his car windows.

Chad Morris, owner of CMO BarberShop in Owensboro, Ky., said he and his family were unloading the car at their rental cabin in Gatlinburg when the vehicle drew some attention from a family of furry locals.

Morris captured photos and video of the mother bear and cubs climbing into the car through an open window and searching for snacks.

“They didn’t hesitate, they just jumped right inside the windows,” Morris told.

He said the bears, which also investigated his father’s car, tore the driver’s seat and left a claw print on his son’s football.

Published in Dawn, Young World, June 9th, 2019