Social media war

May 26, 2019


FOR the last fortnight, may be a bit longer, the users of Youtube and social media in Pakistan are bemused spectators to a clash of personalities that turned into a brawl outside a high-end mall.

The fight between the opponents and their supporters continues on social media pages. Some of them are threatening each other and their families.

Social media is a platform that is monitored worldwide. If anyone wants to know about the thinking of a country, they go through the social media of that country. In short social media gives the country an image.

Our Youtubers have a strong fan following and international viewership, and they should act in a more responsible manner since Pakistan is being made to look bad.

This is a request to all Youtubers and content creators of controversial videos to please resolve their differences and issues through dialogue and on social media in a civilised manner and not in a brawl on the streets.

Syed Fahad Zafar


Published in Dawn, May 26th, 2019