Act today, for a better tomorrow

This is with reference to the cover story “Act today, for a better tomorrow” by Kamal Ahmed Quraishi (YW, April 20).

Most of us share posts on social media regarding awareness days such as Earth Day, etc, and feel satisfied with that; but does it really make any difference? Is it our only duty to write a few posts?

The answer is, no! We’re the ones who can bring change, because we’re responsible for the growth and decay of our planet Earth.

We all know what causes our planet the most damage and we know the solution as well, that is to plant more and more trees.

Perkash Kumar Patel,

Shaheed Benazir Abad

Dealing with difficult people

This is with reference to the article, “Dealing with difficult people” by Yasmin Elahi (YW, March 30). The article was marvellous as it was full of techniques to deal with difficult people.

Difficult people can make life hell for those who have to spend time with them every day. If you regularly deal with someone who exudes negativity — like a cruel boss, a critical friend or a needy relative — you might dread your interactions and wonder how to change things.

It is important to keep in mind that if you don’t see any modifications in their behaviour, then it’s better to back off rather than irritate yourself.

In such situations, it is better not to interact with them.

Mir Hassan Chandio,

Shaheed Benazir Abad


The article “Dealing with difficult people” by Yasmin Elahi was praiseworthy. She put my thoughts into words. The way she observed different people and described their nature was amazing.

We have to admit that some people are not meant to have deep conversations with. We can engage with them in shallow exchanges and ridiculous banter, nothing else.

There are people who have different point of views than ours and there is nothing wrong in it, but those who make us mentally exhausted, we should keep them at arm’s length. At times, you need to get away from all that heaviness which is becoming the cause of the disturbance. Prevent it, before the pain penetrates your mind.

Marya Bhutto,


Think differently, become smarter

This is with reference to the article “Think differently, become smarter” by Raazia Syed (YW, April 6). The article was short, but raised an important point to ponder, that is to work smart.

In order to get success, people always work hard but what they miss is smart work. So if you act a little different and work smart, your efforts and outcome will help you reach your desired goals.

Mahnoor Ilyas,


Word search

I love YW very much as it contains everything children want from a magazine. Among all the sections, I love to solve the “word search”, as I find it an interesting activity to do.

However, whenever there are ads, this section is omitted and it is very disheartening for me and for all those kids like me who love solving it. So it is my request to the YW team to always include this section.

Amsah Qazi,


Our national heroes

This is with reference to the article “Understanding the work of our national heroes” by Arif Iftikhar (YW, March 23).

It is true that our leaders worked hard for the freedom of our country and now it is our duty to remember their struggle and sacrifices for this independent Islamic state. It was a very informative article and I wish to read more such patriotic articles in this magazine in the future.

Asadullah Kubar,


Sailor knot bracelet

This is with reverence to the Wonder crafts “Sailor knot bracelet” by Asif Ali (YW, May 18).

I really liked the bracelet and have tried one for myself. It indeed looks great. I would request the writer to come up with more bracelet ideas as yarn or string bracelets look wonderful and match with almost all dresses.

Rida Ehtesham,


Published in Dawn, Young World, May 25th, 2019