A boxing ring

This is with reference to the story “A boxing ring” by Ali Aliyan Rizvi, (YW, April 20). The story conveyed a very strong message that our fear of something always stops us from making the effort to achieve our goals.

We must put fears aside and strive towards our goals, we will face hardships but it doesn’t mean we will not succeed. Success always comes to those who struggle endlessly.

Rehan Ali,



The story “A boxing ring” by Ali Aaliyan Rizvi, described the boxing ring scene in such a way that I almost felt I was there. The story was not only about boxing, but also about courage, power and competence.

Everyday is a struggle, a fight that we do with problems; we are all competitors in a way, as we compete academically and financially, we face difficulties and keep on fighting until we become successful or give in to the situation. We should not succumb to the situation and always stay positive and use all our strength in overcoming all challenge.

Saud Shaban Chachar,


A valuable lesson

This is with reference to the article “A valuable lesson” by Manahil Naeem (YW, April 20). Our parents have more knowledge and experience, they can guide us better about life’s important decisions and can also observe our friends’ intentions as well. Their advice is always right and we should listen to them before deciding anything on our own.

Friendship has its own benefits and it should be limited and elders like mother and father always want our best, so we should listen to them first.

Zohaib Shah,



Someone has rightly said ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’. Friendship is the only relation that can prove to be as loving and as caring as blood relations.

And we get this lesson from the story “A valuable lesson” written by Manahil Naeem. It is important to have friends, but what is more important is to have quality friends. Quality means a friend who understands you, gives you comfort when you have no one and cares for you when you need him the most.

Mahek Parwani,


Website review

This is regarding the website review “Say it with Graffiti” by Asif Ali (YW, 27 April). It was a wonderful site as I found all the content straightforward. I came across 3D graffiti letters which were too good to try. I appreciate YW team for enhancing our knowledge through these wonderful articles.

Abdul Hafeez Jagirani,


Published in Dawn, Young World, May 18th, 2019