DACCA: The President, General A.M. Yahya Khan, said here today [April 24] that he had discussed the “problems of the country” with the political leaders in Lahore. The President arrived here this afternoon from Lahore by a scheduled PIA flight on his first visit to this part of the country as Head of State.

Asked by a newsman at the Dacca airport whether he was satisfied with these talks, he said, “I am always satisfied”. He further said that he was going to discuss the same things with political leaders in Dacca also, as the problems were not different. Before his departure from Lahore this morning, the President was asked whether he was satisfied with the talks he had in Lahore. According to [agency], he said: “It was very nice to talk to them and exchange views with them. It is always good to talk to the people.”

... Asked whether the question of framing a Constitution also came under discussion he rep­l­ied “all matters of national importance were discussed”. Asked how long would it take to complete the parleys, he said, “I am moving very fast. I cannot go to East Pakistan on foot”. Asked how long would it take for things to take a concrete shape, President Yahya said it was anybody’s guess.

Published in Dawn, April 25th, 2019