Story time: A mean prank

April 20, 2019


Jimin was always afraid of ghosts and darkness and Annie (his sister) knew it well so she decided to play a prank on him. She went to the market and bought a very horrible ghost dress and hid the dress in the cupboard in her room, so no one could see it.

After a week, the monsoon season started. The sky was covered with clouds most days and nights. Sometime the clouds only thundered and sometimes it rained. During one of these stormy nights, Jimin was sitting all alone in his room. The sound of thunder made him really scared. Annie was also alone in her room but was not afraid of thunder.

Suddenly, she got the idea that it was the best time to play her prank on Jimin. She put on the ghost costume and went towards Jimin’s room. Slowly she opened the door and made scary sounds. Jimin was already frightened due to the thunder and the sudden unusual ghostly sounds made him so scared that he started praying. She slowly stepped inside the room. When Jimin saw a horrible looking figure in his room, he fainted.

Annie started to laugh at him mischievously. But soon she felt bad for playing such a terrible prank on her own brother. She removed her ghost costume and knelt down on the floor and started to awake her brother. After few minutes, he woke up but was still in shock. She then told him that it was nothing but his imagination and helped him sleep on his bed. She felt too ashamed to reveal to him that she had played such a mean prank on him.

Thus no one knew that Annie was the one who had scared Jimin that night. Everyone thought Jimin had seen a horrible dream.

Published in Dawn, Young World, April 20th, 2019