FTO calls for tax reforms

April 18, 2019


PESHAWAR: Federal Tax Ombudsman Mushtaq Ahmad Sukhera on Wednesday proposed reforms in the tax system to expand tax net and facilitate taxpayers.

He also urged the business community to approach his office for the resolution of complaints about income tax, sales tax, customs and federal excise duty.

Addressing traders and industrialists during a meeting at the Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry here, Mr Sukhera said his office was taking steps to resolve the issues of taxpayers and address their complaints by carrying out independent investigations about tax maladministration.

He said the FTO would continue to play its important and effective role against the discriminatory attitude and unjust decisions with taxpayers.

The FTO said he had taken a notice of more than 200 tax cases.

He said the tax system should be made simple and easy to increase the government’s revenue.

Mr Sukhera opposed the imposition of additional taxes on registered taxpayers.

He said economy would be stabilised with the help of wealth generation.

The FTO said new people won’t come under the tax net until the problems of the existing registered taxpayers were resolved.

He said the payment of rebate and refund was being ensured.

Mr Sukhera said the FTO had issued directives to the Federal Board of Revenue to make simple tax returns and issue separate forms of tax turns for different sectors.

He said he won’t disappoint the business community.

SCCI senior vice-president Saad Khan Zahid, vice-president Haris Mufti, former president Zahidullah Shinwari, adviser (sales tax and customs) Nasir Masawar Ahmad, adviser of FTO (regional office), Peshawar, Abdul Wadood Khan, members of the chamber’s executive committee, traders and industrialists also shared views on the occasion.

SCCI SVP Saad Khan declared the Federal Tax Ombudsman an effective forum to address the taxpayers’ complaints and provide justice to them.

He said taxpayers should avail the services of FTO for amicable resolution of issues pertaining to income tax, sales tax, customs and federal excise duty and subordinate institutions of FBR.

Mr Saad praised the FTO for framing business-friendly policies and services, which ensured the provision of speedy relief to business community.

Zahidullah Shinwari called for close liaison between FTO and SCCI saying terrorism-hit business of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was confronted with host of challenges and difficulties and urged the FTO to give special importance to the community of this region and to play its effective role in issues relating to tax.

He said the FTO laws and rules should be made further business-friendly and should be reformed by fulfilling all requirements of justice.

Published in Dawn, April 18th, 2019