April 13, 2019


We are blessed

Whenever I see children begging on the streets, working as servants, struggling for meals, spending nights on footpaths and living a hard life that we cannot even imagine, I thank God. I thank God that He bestowed me with lovely and caring parents who keep me in their protective shadow. I am thankful that I have been blessed with everything, everything I could wish for.

If I want to pay off that love and support that my parents give me, I won’t be able to do so. I thank God as well as pray that may my parents always be my strength so that I can be a reason for the smile on their faces.

Sandesh Thakur,

Haunted house

This is with reference to the story “Haunted house” by Filzah Naveed (YW, March 2). I enjoyed reading this story. However, I would like to convey that I found the story a bit too short and it would have been amazing if more spooky details had been given in the description.

Sarah Bastool Naqvi,

Purpose of life

Many of us do not value our lives. This is because we don’t actually know its worth and the purpose. The reason is that we don’t observe the little things happening around us. We don’t see the wrinkled and crippled lives on footpaths. We don’t notice child labourers and we don’t see the miseries of the homeless and hopeless.

For just a single day, I request all of you to put yourself in their shoes and feel their life and emotions. You will know the worth of your life and the secret of making it better and always being thankful.

Kashaf Khurram,

Backbiting is a nasty habit

Dear friends, we often do things which we really don’t intend to do. Sometimes, we hurt others unintentionally or we get deeply hurt and heartbroken when we hear others talking ill about us behind our backs.

It leaves us in tears and we are dumbstruck to find that people who we trust have so much grudges against us. Talking behind one’s back is called backbiting, a horrible and terrible habit.

I often wonder why people talk behind others’ back, what joy do they get by doing this horrendous act? Despite knowing that it never brings any happiness, instead spreads hatred and negativity.

Backbiting is a sin. God is never pleased with those who backbite and no one likes to be friends with backbiters. Instead of backbiting, we should talk about each other’s good habits, and spread love and kindness always.

Sawera Fatima,

Published in Dawn, Young World, April 13th, 2019