Number of voters across Pakistan tops 107.5m: ECP

Updated 10 Apr 2019


Registered voters in Pakistan as on April 9, 2019. — Ramsha Jahangir
Registered voters in Pakistan as on April 9, 2019. — Ramsha Jahangir

ISLAMABAD: The number of voters across the country has reached over 107.5 million, with voters from Punjab and Sindh constituting more than 78 per cent of the total voters.

According to the latest figures of voters released by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), these include 60.02m (56pc) male and 47.48m (44pc) female voters.

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Punjab alone has 57.09pc of the total voters. The province has 61.38m voters including 34.03m (55pc) male and 27.35m (45pc) female voters.

Sindh has a share of 21.32pc in the total votes with the number of voters in the province standing at 22.92m. These include 12.72m (56pc) male and 10.20m (44pc) female voters.

Voters from Punjab and Sindh constitute more than 78pc of the total; registered voters in 2018 were 97m

The 15.35m voters from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa constitute 14.28pc of the total voters. They include 8.71m (57pc) male and 6.64m (43pc) female voters.

Balochistan, erstwhile Fata and the federal capital form 4.06, 2.50 and 0.72pc of the total voters. The total number of registered voters is 4.36m including 2.52m (58pc) male and 1.84m (42pc) female voters.

The tribal districts, formerly known as the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata), have 2.50 of the total voters numbering 2.68m. These include 1.61m (60pc) male and 1.07m (40pc) female voters.

Islamabad’s 0.778m voters constitute 0.72pc of the total. They include 0.413m (53pc) male and 0.365m (47pc) female voters.

Prior to 2018 general elections, the total number of registered voters in the country was 97m, including 54.5m male and 42.4m female voters.

Out of the total count, 55.8m voters were from Punjab, 20.64m from Sindh, 14m from KP, 3.7m from Balochistan, 2.14m from Fata and 0.69m from the federal capital.

KP given deadline to amend LG law

Meanwhile, the ECP has given April 30 as a deadline for the KP government to amend its local government law, failing which the upcoming local government elections would be held on the basis of the existing LG law.

The deadline was decided at a meeting on LG polls in KP on Monday. The meeting was attended by the local government and law secretaries from the province. The term of the local bodies was to expire during the last week of August. Under the law, elections are to be held within 120 days following its expiry of term.

The ECP, sources said, has plans to start the process of delimitation of local government constituencies in KP from May onwards intending to complete the process within four months

The meeting was told that the new local government law of the province was ready and would shortly be placed before the cabinet for approval. Informed sources told Dawn that the KP government wants to change the structure of the local bodies.

The ECP has been reminding the provincial government to amend the local government law well in time for which it held a meeting with officials on March 21 and previously in January and September last year.

Published in Dawn, April 10th, 2019