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March 16, 2019


Do what you are good at

YW has always provided amazing and informative content to its readers. This is regarding the article, “Do what you are good at” by Ayesha Sohail (YW, February 23).

The article has made us think about the areas we are weak in so that we can improve in order to achieve our goals. By thinking about such areas and taking steps accordingly, we can make our career bright and satisfactory.

We must choose a field or subject in which we are good because then we will be able to put our 100 percent efforts in it.

Being a student, I urge every reader to take decisions about their career in such a way that it makes you happy and proud. Don’t follow others, just believe in yourself and trust your skills, but always take guidance from an elder.

Ahmed Raza Abro,


Parroting versus assimilation

This is with reference to the article “Parroting versus assimilation” by Syed Farhan Basit (YW, January 26).

The article was excellent! The writer dealt with the article’s title in a realistic way as all the suggestions for improving study techniques were praiseworthy.

To be proactive and to sharpen the skills for academic learning, one must study comprehensively. I really appreciate the writer for telling us the best ways of getting things done in a better and practical way.

Perkash Kumar Patel,

Shaheed Benazirabad

Getting it right in exams

This is regarding the article “Getting it right in exams” by Arif Iftikhar (YW, February 23).

The article gives brilliant tips to students who are going to give their exams. The best advice was to keep away from electronic gadgets, as they are the biggest distraction nowadays for almost all kids and teenagers. Apart from that, talking during a class to your friends also distracts and you could miss important points discussed in the class.

In addition, I would like to advice the readers to always sit in front so that you are near the teacher and the black/white board. Time passes very quickly, the time wasted today will never come again.

Maaz Asad,


Kitty’s life

This is regarding the story “Kitty’s life” by Durr-e-Sakina (YW, January 19).

I liked this story very much as I can relate to it. I also have a kitty at home.

This story told me about the feelings of this cute little mammal, about how she must be feeling when we hug her and how she must be feeling when we give her a bath. I will suggest to every pet lover to read this story.

Konain Raza Mangi,


Published in Dawn, Young World, March 16th, 2019