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The weekly weird

March 09, 2019


Man puts on 260 shirts to make a world record!

An Ontario man donned 260 T-shirts at the same time to raise money for his children’s school and break a Guinness World Record.

Ted Hastings said he was flipping through a Guinness Book of World Records with his 11-year-old son when they came across the record for most T-shirts worn at one time.

He said he ordered shirts up to 20 XL from India and made plans to hold the record attempt at Polsky Strength and Conditioning gym in Kitchener. Hastings said the event raised money for Bridgeport Public School, where his son and 14-year-old daughter attend. Hastings said after putting on the 260 shirts — three more than the previous record — that the experience was “generally awful.”

“I think around a hundred shirts mark it felt like it was possible. And around the 150 shirt mark, I thought it was one of the dumber things I’ve signed up for in a long time,” he said. He said the weight of the shirts became constricting as their mass grew.

“You have to assume that each shirt is roughly a pound when you’re talking about shirts from 10 XL up to 20 XL,” Hastings said.

A Guinness World Records adjudicator was on hand to certify the record. The record-keeping organisation congratulated Hastings on Twitter.

Stones, bottle caps and coins

Doctors were shocked after removing a pile of stones, bottle caps and coins from a man’s stomach after he ate them to cure his anxiety. The 54-year-old man was admitted to the hospital suffering from severe stomach pains and bloating.

Concerned doctors ran a number of tests to see what might be the cause of the patient’s painful symptoms. They noticed that they could feel ‘something resembling small stones’ when they touched his abdomen.

Scans then revealed a huge build-up of objects ‘occupying the whole stomach’ of the patient. But the medics were left completely dumbfounded when they found a lump containing dozens of foreign objects.

A collection of stones, bottle caps and coins weighing 4.4lbs (2kg) were pulled out of his stomach. This ‘extremely unusual’ case was published by Dr Pyong Wha Choi in the American Journal of Medical Case Reports. The man, is said to have an intellectual disability.

Japan fears earthquake and tsunami

Japan is braced for a huge earthquake or tsunami after two giant deep-sea fish, symbols of doom in the country, were caught on its coast.

The huge oarfish, which can each grow as long as 11 metres, come to the surface when a natural disaster is brewing, according to a legend and now the Satomi Higa of the Yomitan’s fisheries confirmed two creatures were caught alive in fishnets recently.

“The two oarfish were swimming vigorously in the nets.

“They looked mysterious and beautiful,” a spokesman told. Numerous dead oarfish washed up along the shores of Japan in the past few months. Since then, fears of an earthquake have grown.

The fish are traditionally known as ‘Ryugu no tsukai’ in Japanese, or the ‘Messenger from the Sea God’s Palace’.

The believers say dozens of oarfish washed onto the country’s coastline before the 2011 Fukushima earthquake and subsequent tsunami, which killed more than 20,000 people. But scientists dispute the doom theory.

Kazusa Saiba, who is an aquarium keeper in Japan, said global warming or subtle changes in the Earth’s crust cause various fish to wash up along the shores.

Giant grapefruit breaks two records

A giant grapefruit grown in a Louisiana couple’s garden broke two Guinness World Records, one for size and one for weight.

Doug and Mary Beth Meyer said their grandson was the first one to notice the grapefruit, which grew on a tree they bought several years ago and replanted in their Slidell back yard.

The couple contacted Guinness World Records and the Louisiana Department of Agriculture, which both sent representatives to the couple’s home to examine the potentially record-breaking fruit.

The officials determined the grapefruit was a record-breaker twice over, measuring nearly 29 inches in circumference and weighing 7 pounds, 14.6 ounces. The grapefruit dwarfed the previous record for weight, a 7 point, 1 ounce fruit grown in Brazil in 2006.

Human-sized cabbage

An Australian couple said it took about nine months of careful maintenance to grow a huge cabbage nearly the size of an adult person.

Rosemary Norwood and Sean Cadman, who operate Forest Walks Lodge, an eco-tourism guesthouse in Jackeys Marsh, Tasmania, said they started growing the cabbage in April and carefully kept it safe from wallabies and other garden thieves until late January.

Norwood said she grows cabbage every year, but this one was especially large.

“It doesn’t always work out like this,” Norwood told. She said the cabbage’s size could be attributed to “a good, wet spring, good rainfall and hot weather in the early summer.”

Norwood said the cabbage was large enough to make two weeks’ worth of coleslaw, German rotkohl and salads for guesthouse visitors.

Published in Dawn, Young World, March 9th, 2019