Books in Brief

March 03, 2019


UN Peacekeeping Operations in Somalia 1992-1995: A Pakistani Perspective

Dr Tughral Yamin

An exhaustively researched account that highlights the role of Pakistan’s military in global peacekeeping efforts, with particular focus on Pakistan’s 7th Frontier Force Regiment, the world’s first military unit to arrive in conflict-torn Mogadishu in 1992.

Qudrat Ka Nizam: Hamari Keemiaee, Hayatiyati Aur Samaji Duniya

Mushtaq Ahmed

A collection of essays on physical, social and life sciences, philosophy and law, wherein the author expounds his belief about how the universe depends on a finely tuned balance of celestial and earthly nature and human behaviour.

Published in Dawn, Books & Authors, March 3rd, 2019