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Mail box

March 02, 2019


Superman takes you on a journey of sight

This is regarding the book review, “Superman takes you on a journey of sight” by O.A. (YW, February 9). I liked the review very much because the writer has brilliantly described all the features of the book.

Young World publishes amazing reviews of books, movies and websites, and I would request them to keep doing so.

Abdul Rauf,


Make the best of your school years

This is with reference to the cover story, “Make the best of your school years” by Sadia Maqsood (YW, February 9). The article was a great reminder to all school-going kids to make the most of their school years.

Kids usually detest school for its rules, discipline and studies, but the article reminded them that achieving good grades should not be one’s only goal, but good qualities make a person successful and school years is the right time to bring the best out in your nature.

Mohammad Hasnain,



After reading the cover story, “Make the best of your school years” by Sadia Maqsood, I realised one of the mistakes that I made back in my school years — I was not connected with my teachers and there was hardly any participation from my side in co-curricular activities.

A teacher is a person who observes your weaknesses and guides you about how to overcome them. You will never know your weakness if you are not connected with your teacher. So children, be connected with your teachers, if you want to make yourself a better person.

Abdul Wasay Abro,


The apology train

This is with reference to the story “The apology train” by Linta Mustafa (YW, February 2). The writer wonderfully explained a simple story with a great message — that we not only have to teach our children to make an apology, but we have to also tell them how to regain someone’s trust and assure them that the mistake will not be repeated.

Prih Gabol,



The story “The apology train” by Linta Mustafa was an amazing read. Everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect, but by saying only a five-letter word ‘sorry’ we can’t overcome all the misunderstanding. Instead, one should explain and clear the differences, if there are any, and not remain in an ego shell.

Mehwish Mehmood,


The power of humility

This is with reference to the article “The power of humility” by Rabia Nadir (YW, February 16).

It was a very influential and thought-provoking article. Such articles certainly urge people to leave their pride and be humble because humbleness is the key to success.

Kainat Mahessar,



The idea of being humble was well described by Rabia Nadir in her article “The power of humility”. A person is remembered by his/her humbleness, not by money or any other act.

Humbleness is the reason for many good things in life, such as peace of mind, mental health and good relations.

Tanveer Ahmed Sangrasi,


Kitty’s life

This is with reference to the story “Kitty’s life” by Durr-e-Sakina (YW, January 19). I found the story very interesting as it described the everyday life of a domestic cat. Animals are unable to communicate, yet they have feelings and can express in their own way. I suggest to all the readers to behave nicely with animals because they can feel our love and also anger.

Jitandar Kumar,

Tando Jam

Imperfect beauty

This is regarding the article “Imperfect beauty” by Fida Hussain (YW, February 2). It was an amazing article about the unusual colour mutations in animals as well as birds. All the animals and birds described in the article had me awe-struck as I never thought such living things exist! Perfection is like a set of rules put in place by society. However, nature has everything in it, whether it is perfect or imperfect, it is beautiful because it gives uniqueness to each individual.

Salar Hussain Junejo,


Published in Dawn, Young World, March 2nd, 2019