Child safety

February 11, 2019


THE tragic case of little Zainab’s rape and murder in Kasur and the capital punishment to the criminal made one believe that child abuse cases will cease. Sadly, after Zainab, eleven such incidents have been reported from different parts of the country.

These statistics clearly indicate that this grave issue is not only about maintaining law and order and improving the efficiency of law enforcement agencies; it needs serious attention and reforms at a broader level.

A general awareness in the public is imperative especially among parents. It is only parents who can teach children how to interact and behave with strangers and instil in them a level of awareness about social taboos.

They should instruct their wards on what measure are to be taken for maintaining a distance from strangers.

At the same time, it is time school children from class two onward were told about this unpleasant reality.

Abdul Basit Anwar


Published in Dawn, February 11th, 2019