Nawaz Sharif might be in London but his mind is set on the upcoming elections — the alleged pre-poll rigging against his party ahead of the polls, to be more precise.

While speaking to reporters in London, the ousted prime minister warned that the country may face “dangerous consequences” if alleged pre-poll rigging did not stop, complaining that the PML-N had been denied a level playing field in the July 25 polls.

Who is stacking the odds against the party? The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and the courts, according to Nawaz.

“A new history of rigging is being written. Only the PML-N is being targeted [by NAB and courts] which amounts to pre-poll rigging. Have we not learned anything from the dismemberment of Pakistan,” he questioned, while regretting the disqualification of Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and Daniyal Aziz.

“A dangerous game is being played, and its consequences will be dangerous for the country. Over the last several months, the court’s decisions have only been directed at me and my party men.”

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Meanwhile, NAB's chairman, retired Justice Javed Iqbal, was quick to issue a rebuttal, rejecting the allegations that the anti-graft watchdog is only targeting a single party. He added that the bureau has no political agenda and will continue its actions against corrupt elements in accordance with law without any influence.