Days after snubbing party workers protesting outside his Banigala residence against the award of party tickets in some constituencies, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan appears to be rethinking his stance.

The PTI chief took to Twitter to assure complaining aspirants that he will ensure any merit that has been compromised in the award of tickets is restored before the final list of candidates is issued.

To drive home his pledge, Khan said he has used "all resources available", including surveys, to assess if and where merit may have been violated.

This appears to be a far cry from Khan's tenor of a few days earlier. Apparently irked by the dharna (oh, the irony), he had told disgruntled workers they could never force him to change his mind with such protests.

“No matter how many people gather, I will not change the decision,” the PTI chief had earlier said.

So, I guess, go ahead and answer this (tongue-in-cheek) question: