Lessons from Implementation of Educational Reforms in Pakistan: Implications for Policy and Practice

Takbir Ali, Sarfaroz Niyozov

An insight into the future of education offers research-based accounts gleaned from multi-year education improvement projects in Pakistan.

Desis Divided: The Political Lives of South Asian Americans

Sangay K. Mishra

South Asian Americans are one of the largest groups of immigrants in the United States, but internal distinctions lead to multiple, and often varied, paths of political inclusion in the US.

Ocean Rift: Memoirs of Admiral Lodi

M.A.K Lodi

The author shares the story of his life from early days spent in a village in Punjab, to a career that saw him rise from initial appointment as a Royal Indian Naval Volunteer Reserve to retiring as Rear Admiral from the Pakistan Navy.

The Fever: How Malaria Has Ruled Humankind for 500,000 Years

Sonia Shah

The journalist tracks malaria’s jagged ascent from the New World to the third world, arguing that calling it a “backward” and “rural” malady is one of modern medicines biggest errors of judgement.

Published in Dawn, Books & Authors, May 27th, 2018