TOBA TEK SINGH: Police registered a case on Friday against a security guard and a former employee of Darul Aman for allegedly attempting to rape a woman who was staying at the shelter on a court order.

The complainant from Chak 330-JB Seowal told City police that her brother-in-law (husband’s brother) had attempted to rape her in their house and when she informed her husband about it he and his family instead drove her out of the house. A few weeks ago she appeared before a judicial magistrate who sent her to Darul Aman upon her request.

She claimed that during her stay at the shelter, a security guard and a former employee attempted to rape her twice but she raised an alarm both the times.

City police registered a case against the suspects under sections 376 and 511 of the PPC and started an investigation.

Burnt alive

A two-and-a-half-year-old child was burnt alive in Gojra on Friday when a fire broke out in his house.

Gojra city police claimed that Abu Bakar was asleep in a room while his father was not home and mother working in the courtyard. When she saw the fire she rushed to the room her child was sleeping in but by that time the fire had engulfed the entire room. She attempted to douse the flames but failed and also received serious burn injuries.

A neighbour tried to help her but he was also injured seriously. When Gojra Municipal Committee fire brigade put out the flames the child was found dead. The mother and neighbour were admitted to the THQ hospital in critical condition.

The fire was said to have been caused by a short circuit.

RAPE: A man allegedly raped a 17-year-old girl in Chak 364-JB near Gojra on Friday.

The complainant claimed in the first information report registered by Gojra Saddar police that he and his family worked as peasants with a farmer and resided at his outhouse. When all of them were working in the fields a man went to their residence and raped his daughter.

Police were conducting raids to arrest the suspect.

Published in Dawn, May 19th, 2018